Monday, May 16, 2005

So you want to do a video production, ok now what?

You purchased a new video camcorder and can't figure out how to run it!!!
Can't seen to keep things in focus or colors look all wrong!!!
Trying to tape you kids play - handheld and it looks like your on a roller coaster ride!!!
I see problem like this everyday, and I have your solution, training by a pro videographer.

My name is Stephen Hall, a 25 year veteran, in the television industry. I have done camerawork, audio engineering, charactor generation, and technical directing. I also own my own video company called:
Memories Unlimited Video Production here in Mountain View, CA (650)669-3352
my website is:

I have done commercials, talking heads interviews, birthdays, special occasions, and music videos.
I also train volunteers at local cable facilities in town here. I have been honored, twice with being #1 volunteer at MCMC Palo Alto Cable channels 27 & 30 on Comcast here, for doing over 150 plus shows in 2003 and again in 2004.

I am also the sole crew member for a show called "Tehran-TV" at KMVT mountain view cable channel 15..
I have worked for VMI installing editing systems in stations and building home edit suites and studios.
Plus I worked at Sony, repairing monitors for NAB, and camera's, and vcr repair too.

Do You Need Help Getting Started In Video - call Steve at: (650)669-3352 cell


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